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Authentication Application Form of the China Embassy/Consulate (G1)

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1) This form is for document authentication for use in China

Applicant should fill out this form truthfully and completely on a computer, submit it online then download it into PDF file before you print the hard copy.
Section 1: Applicant Information (For Individual Use Only)
1 Applicant name
2 Gender
3 Date of birth - -
4 Current nationality (Change it, if you are not)
5 Place of birth (city, province/state, country) (i.e. New York, NY, USA)
6 Occupation
7 ID Type
8 ID Number
9 Name of employer/school
10 Address of employer/school
11 Detail Home Address
12 Email address
13 Home phone:
14 Cell phone:


Section 2. Applicant (For Company/Organization Use Only)
2.1 Name of company/organization
2.2 Business Address:
2.3 Business Tel:
Legal Representative of company / organization
2.4 Name
2.5 Date of birth - - ( YYYY) - (MM) - (DD)
2.7 ID Number


Section 3: Type of Document(s)
3.1 Marriage certificate
3.2 Birth certificate
3.3 Diploma
3.4 Business documents
3.5 Certificate no-criminal record
3.6 Authorization letters
3.7 Health certificate
3.8 Statement
3.9 Other
3.10 If you check other, please specify


Section 4: Purpose and Destination of Legalization
4.1 Marriage
4.2 Fosterage
4.3 Real estate
4.4 Litigation
4.5 Visa
4.6 Adoption
4.7 Business and trade
4.8 Other
4.9 If you check other, please specify
4.10 Destination of legalization (i.e. SUZHOU, JIANGSU, CHINA)


Section 5: Number of document need legalization
5.1 Number of documents


Section 6: Processing Time
6.1 Processing time < Regular service; < Express service


D.1 I hereby declare that I have read and understood the content below:
The consular legalization refers to the practice of confirming the authenticity of the last seal or signature on relevant documents issued by other countries,performed by consular legalization agencies upon the application of natural persons,legal persons or other organizations. Consular legalization does not undertake the responsibility of certifying the matters certified by the notarial deeds or other certificates,and it is not responsible for the authenticity and validity of the documents’s content,which shall be the responsibility of the issuing institution. The application will be refused by consular official if the documents may harm the national interests or social public interests or have other circumstances under which consular legalization shall not be performed.
D.2 Date of Application: