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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Filling Out China Visa Form

  A mistake on China visa application form can cost you time and may result in rejection of your application. Please take the time to carefully fill out the application and make sure the answers are accurate and complete. Below are some common mistakes people made while preparing China visa application form.  
Section 1.15 self-employed  
  If you check self-employed in section 1.15 and leave 1.17 blank, it will be a problem. Correct way is to complete section 1.17 and specify nature of business next to the business name. Consulate is very interested in knowing what you do.  
Section 1.17 blank  
  Chinese Consulate wants to know what you do for a living in the US and if you are involved in any business which they consider as sensitive such as media, religious, military, etc.  
  • If you are currently unemployed, please provide your previous US employer or school information and mark it as previous. For example: Microsoft Inc. (Previous).
  • If you are self-employed, please put down the name of your business or Self-Employed and add the nature of your business next to it. For example: Self-Employed (Landscaping).
  • If your are retired, please type in "None (Retired)" in employer name. If you are housewife, please type in "None (Housewife)" in employer name.
  • For infant, please type in "None (infant)". Home schooling is OK, please state so in in employer name section.
Section 1.17 use abbreviations in company name section  
  Try not to use abbreviations, unless your company is well known such as IBM. We suggest you to spell out the employer name. Otherwise, Chinese consulate may have a hard time figuring out what your business does, therefore your application process will be delayed.  
Section 1.17 use company name and address in China  
  This section should list your employer in the US. If you are applying for Z visa to work in China, your China employer information should be listed in section 2.8. You should list your previous US employer or school information here.  
Section 1.18 use PO Box address  
  This section is not for mailing address purpose. Physical address is required here, please provide street address.
Section 2.1 major purpose not matching supporting paperwork  
  Your supporting paperwork must match the purpose. If you check tourism as purpose and provide paperwork for cultural exchange, visa won't be granted. If you are sent by US employer to conduct business on behalf of the US company, do not check work as purpose. Work visa is for someone employed by a Chinese company. You may travel for multiple purposes, however you only need to indicate one major purpose.  
Section 2.2 select inappropriate number of entry  
  There are options such as 1 entry, 2 entries, multiple entry within 6 months or 12 months etc.¬†Some visa type such as Z, X1, S1, Q1 are only issued with single entry, F visa (if you check non-business visit in section 2.1) is usually be given as single or double entry, while L, M, S2, Q2 are likely to be granted for multiple entry. Multiple entry visa is usually not given to Non-US passport holder. Please note decision to grant multiple entries lies with the Consulate.  
Section 2.3 service level  
  Not all Chinese Consulates process China visa at the same speed. Some do not provide Express Plus Service. Please refer to the link here for details.  
Section 2.4 showing past date or unreasonable date based on service level  
  Do not use a past date or unreasonable date. If you selected regular service, however your arrival date shows yesterday or tomorrow, your application may be put on hold.  
Section 2.5 duration of stay requested is longer than usual  
  Duration of Stay allowed is normally 30-60 days for L, M, F visa; 30-90 days for S2 or 30-120 days for Q2. Duration of stay for Z, X, Q1, S1 may be longer, make sure you have correct supporting paperwork. Please note duration of stay granted is decided by Chinese Consulate, you don't always get what you desire.  
Section 2.6 only list city or hotel name  
  Please complete with city and address, not just hotel name. The information provided here must match your hotel confirmation or invitation.  
Section 3.1 - 3.5 check boxes missing out  
  Please check and make sure the answer boxes are checked. If you are missing out some boxes, visa application will be rejected.  
Section 4 not signed  
  Applicant should sign in section 4, not section 5. Please note that applicant should sign the application form even if the form is completed by another person. In case of application for minor, parent or guardian should complete and sign in both section 4 and section 5.  
Top or bottom of the form partially cutoff when printed  
  Chinese Consulate won't accept it, if your V2013 form top or bottom was partially cut off. You may need to adjust your printer's [Page Scaling] setting to: "Shrink to Printable Area".