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Application for Second US Passport

If applicants currently age 15 & under, please click here


Passport Renewal STEP 1 - Prepare Passport Application Paperwork
(1) Your Most Recent Passport
Your passport must meet all following condition, otherwise you will need to apply for new passport
(2) Passport Application Form DS-82
(3) Passport Authorization Letter (2 original copies)
(4) Two Identical Passport Photos
If you wear eyeglasses, please read on. If your eye area is obscured by eyeglass frames or glare, your photo is high likely to be rejected by the Passport Agency, even if the photo looks OK to you. We strongly suggest you submitting a photograph taken without eyeglasses even if you wear eyeglasses on a regular basis.
(5) Letter of Explanation
(6) Government Fee
(7) VisaRite Service Fee
Choose a Service Level Time needed Service and Shipping Fee
Review Processing Shipping Service Shipping Total
Price Super Rush Service 1 day 3-5 days 1 day $399 $36 $435
Price Express Plus Service 1 day 6-10 days 1 day $299 $36 $335
Price Express Service 1 day 11-15 days 1 day $249 $36 $285
Service and Payment Remark
(8) Submit Online Passport Service Request Form


Mailing Address STEP 2 - Send the Application Package to VisaRite Service
Please email us at: for detail address and shipping instruction in order to prevent delay in processing your application.