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Roger Epworth, New Orleans, LA
I am happy to make some positive comments re the VisaRite service. If found the whole process to be excellent. Obtaining Visa's can be a process of great anxiety. VisaRite however communicated well and offered an extremely efficient service. They were also very nice accommodating changes that I needed with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of courtesy. if only all the other visa processing offices of other countries were as efficient and pleasant as China's. It was a pleasure to deal with them.


Mardig Yapremian, Fresno, CA
I have received my passport with the Chinese visa today,thank you very much for your very cortiuos and efficient work, I was very hesitant at the beginning to trust someone else to handle all the transactions, but you proved me wrong. I will defenitly use your
services again and I will most defenitly recommend your services to all of my friends.

James Tai, Orlando, FL
We are very happy with your services, you kept all your promises. We definitely will give good referral of your services. Your services provide people first good impression about China, we don't have to worry about if we missed any document after we sent the passport and got denied by the Chinese Consulate General, your knowledgeable at front check and quick response ensures the success of visa processing.

Kendall Robinson, Portland, OR
I received my Visa early this morning. I created a slight delay by not providing you all the correct information but you called me and quickly sorted out the missing paper work. I didn't have to call again or even check up on the Visa status. I am so impressed that everything was done so quickly that I would recommend this service to anyone.

Thank you for providing such a great service.

Best regards,

Paul Forehand, Fort Collins, CO
Thank you for the excellent, easy, and expeditious service your company provided in getting my tourist visa to China. You did all the extra legwork for me outside of filling out the visa application form and sending you my passport. Additionally, you turned the job around in five business days as stated on your web. And you did all of this for not much more than what it would have cost to handle it myself, which would have required more paperwork on my part and probably more follow-up. The cost of your service is substantially lower than other companies, but certainly not the quality, which is top notch, to say the least. If my travels take me back to China again in the future, I will not hesitate to use your service again.


Stephen McConkie, West Bloomfield, MI
Everyone is a little cautions when giving their credit card information over the internet. I am and was a little nervous about sending my passport off with a cahier's check to an out of state company. The web site was very professional and they answered the phone when I called. So I took the plunge. Well I had waited to the last minute and after they received my documents called and gave me the option to upgrade my service and invoice me for the additional charges after they noticed the day of the flight that I had planned. Everything was taken care of and I was very pleased that I went with Chinese visa experts and not some local do it all travel company. I highly recommend VisaRite services to anyone. Personal service over the web, now that's what it's all about.

Mayumi Nakajima, Bellevue, WA
Thanks for taking care of my visa to China. I just got my passport and newly attained visa via Fed Ex on time. I appreciate all the questions you kindly answered for me and the assurance you gave me prior to using your services. I will recommend Visa Rite to anyone who is traveling to China.

William Kaiser, CPA, Indianapolis, IN
It is rare these days to find outstanding customer service. It seems everyone today suffers from "hurry sickness" of one kind or another. I am writing to thank you again for the outstanding service I received from VisaRite. When I called last week to ask question after question, you were most patient and thoroughly answered each and every one of them. You then took the time to advise me on how best to complete the visa application. And now I just received word that you were able to obtain a 90-day stay for me, when all I thought I would get was 60 days! Your customer service is indeed outstanding! I thank you so very much and will be sure to mention VisaRite to all my friends and business colleagues.


Pam Laven, President Assistant, Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park, MN
First, let me say that your service is most professional and expedient. I had heard horror stories of long waits for Visas and your organization was terrific. I am so pleased that the process went smoothly. Having your email address is wonderful. I like the fact that you call once you receive the materials and let your client know that all is well and the processing should proceed with no problems. Your service is excellent and your freindliness most welcome. I will use you again and again. It is nice to know that 'customer service' is still there! It is so lacking in this day and age.

Again, I thank you for your assistance and great service! I look forward to receiving the Federal express package.


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